Increase Revenue From Social Media Channels

The leader of compassionate crowdfunding gets serious about social.


YouCaring, the leader in free online fundraising, has been a client of [made to order] since 2014. Like most start-ups, the San Francisco-based company has been hyper-focused on their product and smartly so.

In 2015, when we first met Aimen Barma, she had recently became the new CMO for the company and after years at tech behemoths like eBay and PayPal, she was ready to scale the company quickly and efficiently. Aimen says,

“In order to scale, we needed to invest in a more strategic, disciplined and concentrated approach across all of marketing, including social media.”

Aimen spent the next twelve months building her team from an early stage start-up to a strong marketing team, including the development of an effective tracking system and an ambassador program. In the Spring of 2016, she was ready to rev up their owned social media channels with “vigor and focus” to determine the true impact opportunity for the business. YouCaring once again, hired [mto] for this new engagement.

The challenge was to not only increase donation revenue and the creation of new fundraisers on the platform, but to prove-out the overall effectiveness of the medium — a task many organizations are still having a had a hard time proving.

According to Simply Measured’s 2015 State of Social Media Marketing report, 60 percent of marketers say they struggle to demonstrate the ROI of their social media marketing. It was time to prove social media is a huge driver of business impact, once and for all.


The first step with a business impact project like this is to establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the program and benchmark the company in both monthly and quarterly increments in order to identify opportunities for improvement and clearly show the results of our efforts.

Once, we had our KPIs and benchmark in hand, we analyzed the results and created a new strategy focused on the new KPIs. The new strategy included twice a day content posting across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Importantly, we stopped all paid media in order to a) prove the power of earned social media and b) isolate the content without the boost of advertising influencing its success.

Post-by-post, the [mto] team worked to optimize using a custom reporting-tool we developed with our Data Advisor, Alan Rakov, social media best practices and audience-specific insights. By fully taking over social channel management, within one month we were able to see a 30% increase in pageviews on, a 400% increase in new fundraisers created, and a whopping 3500% increase in donation revenue.

Obviously, the incredible success of this program was a clear indicator that social media could and should play an increasingly important role in the overall growth strategy of the company. In fact, with the new strategy, team, execution plan and learnings, YouCaring has had their best quarter in the history of the company — people have raised over $400 Million on the platform and each individual share from their site is worth an average $37! Watch Aimen and MTO Founder Gretchen Fox share these results at the 2016 Witi Summit.

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“While I thought [mto] would find success, I didn’t think it would be this dramatic and I didn’t think it would be this immediate. I am thrilled with the progress we made and the results have impacted the business on multiple fronts.”

– Aimen Barma, CMO and Head of Product,

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