About Us

[mto] is a full-service social media agency that gives CEOs and Marketing Executives more fire power with our network of expert strategists and social media professionals. From consulting to execution, we deliver a powerful mix of earned, owned and paid media to bring your brand to life and drive business goals.

Leadership Team

  • Gretchen Fox

    CEO & Founder, Head of Social Monetization

    Hello! I founded [made to order] to help people transform their business for success in the digital age. My work has led to over $20 Million in revenue from social channels, I have trained and guided hundreds of marketers across North America and have led social programs for some of the biggest artists in the world and some of the most powerful executives in the music, sports and business world. But Fortune 500 companies and top executives aren’t the only people I help. I especially delight in working with startups and entrepreneurs. While being a Co-founder of a full-service social media agency, coaching entrepreneurs, speaking and contributing to Forbes online keeps me very busy, empowering people to drive revenue and grow their business, makes it a total joy. When I’m not helping other people grow their businesses, I’m working on DIY projects with my husband, hiking with our two dogs and evolving to be the best me I can be.

  • Kat Eves

    Senior Marketing Strategist

    Hey there, I’m Kat, your friendly Senior Marketing Strategist and MTO EDU Liaison. With a background in writing and over 10 years working in the ever-changing digital marketing & PR space, I help brands express their values and connect with their customers to build loyalty and lasting growth.

    In addition to my work with MTO, I also provide Creative Direction and visual storytelling through fashion and video production. You’ve seen my work in commercials for brands including ADIDAS, Google Pixel, YouTube, and more, in addition to films and print ads.

    Prior to this, I worked as a book publicist for independent publishers, where I helped authors across genres reach bestseller status and build growth-centered personal brands. I have also helped independent fashion startups grow their sales and connect with their niche markets more effectively, leading one brand to increase their sales 10-fold in less than six months and another to surpass Kickstarter stretch goals.

    I get most excited about brands who make social impact a cornerstone of their business and love working with leaders and marketers who share this value. I believe ethical and inclusive business practices that celebrate diversity are the way of the future, and I’m deeply committed to pushing that vision forward.

  • Amy Kniss

    Chief of Optimization

    Hellllloooo!!! I’m Amy and Chief of Optimization at MTO. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Pinterest, you name it, we do it. We develop social, mobile, local and search marketing strategies that support business goals and optimize ROI. My work has delivered

    ○ 1,000% increase in calls, week-over-week, based on AdWords strategy
    ○ 12% increase in client’s month-over-month sales with Facebook ad campaign
    ○ 80% increase in website CTR from Facebook ads using audience-specific, micro-targeting
    ○ Open rate 2x industry average for MailChimp campaigns
    ○ 5.5% increase Google AdWords campaign CTR with mobile click-to-call
    ○ 200% increase in ad-position without an increase in spending

    I’ve worked with small and large organizations including: Bank of America, Radio Shack, Farmers Insurance, TurboTax, Chase Sapphire,YP, DirecTV, Clorox, VW, Honeywell, City of San Diego, University of California, MD Anderson.

    Other than working with MTO, I developed, launched and run a platform that gives beauty professionals direct access to their clients, making it easier to schedule appointments and build client loyalty. I’m also the doggie mama of the cutest dog in sunny Santa Monica, California.

  • Hannah Heilicher

    Wellness & Productivity Manager

    Hey Hey Hey! My name is Hannah Heilicher and I am program coordinator here at MTO Agency which means I help manage our team, our clients, and project organization, plus assist with our amazing MTO EDU program. Basically, I organize the stuff, keep track of the things, help our clients and EDU Masterminds connect with Team MTO.


    A childhood in the live music & outdoor summer events scene of Minneapolis, Minnesota led me to pursue college degrees in Marketing, Entertainment Management and Management Information Systems from The University of Montana. My marketing experience expands paid social media campaigns, print advertising management and branding overhauls to live social media management for concerts, fundraisers and festivals.

    I am a passionate advocate for work-life balance, time away from screens, and daily gratitude practice. When I’m not working with MTO, I am an aerial yoga teacher in Bend Oregon. It’s an honor to spend my days working to better our world through supporting unique value-driven businesses and my evenings inspiring my community to support their personal values of self-care.

  • Willow Gordon

    Social + Client Services

    I help businesses attract their most ideal clients through visual storytelling and data mining. After going to school for Business Administration in Portland, OR, I spent 3 years traveling throughout Central America, Southeast Asia and the SW Pacific photographing my experiences and adventures. With a background in Conversational Chatbot Automation and Sales Development, I’ve pivoted my energy into showing the real sides of businesses that many people don’t get to experience through creative imagery and the ability to humanize a brands digital presence. I’m fascinated by Big Data and the meaningful connections we can make through data analysis.

    I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon and have been immersed in the live electronic music scene since I was a child. Outside of work, I am a total foodie and adventure sports fiend, especially when it comes to snowboarding and scuba diving. I’ve made it my goal to travel as much as I possibly can and love to explore both the tropics and the mountains while working remotely from my laptop and iPhone.

  • Alex Palmer

    Head of Client Services

    Hi, there. I’m Alex Palmer.

    I help make sure [made to order] clients are happy and hitting their goals.

    I’ve spent the last 15 years working both client side and agency side at IMG and AKQA in Digital / eCommerce, Sports Marketing and Sponsorship or some combination of all of the above.

    My experience has covered delivery of large scale marketing, social media and live event programs for a wide range of brands and sports properties including Nike, VISA, Rugby World Cup, Manchester City FC, The Tour de France, The Garmin Pro Cycling Team, Canyon Bikes and Fat Chance Bicycles.

    I’m a Brit living and working in the USA, which gives me a unique insight, expertise and network into markets on both sides of the Atlantic. When I’m not working you’ll find me hitting the mountain bike trails of Ashland, Oregon to unwind.

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