About Us

[mto] is a full-service social media agency that gives CEOs and Marketing Executives more fire power with our network of expert strategists and social media professionals. From consulting to execution, we deliver a powerful mix of earned, owned and paid media to bring your brand to life and drive business goals.

Leadership Team

  • Gretchen Fox

    CEO & Founder, Head of Social Monetization

    Hello! I founded [made to order] to help people transform their business for success in the digital age. My work has led to over $20 Million in revenue from social channels, I have trained and guided hundreds of marketers across North America and have led social programs for some of the biggest artists in the world and some of the most powerful executives in the music, sports and business world. But Fortune 500 companies and top executives aren’t the only people I help. I especially delight in working with startups and entrepreneurs. While being a Co-founder of a full-service social media agency, coaching entrepreneurs, speaking and contributing to Forbes online keeps me very busy, empowering people to drive revenue and grow their business, makes it a total joy. When I’m not helping other people grow their businesses, I’m working on DIY projects with my husband, hiking with our two dogs and evolving to be the best me I can be.

  • Ashanti Abdullah MTO Agency

    Ashanti Abdullah

    Head of Premium Brand Content


    Hey hey! I’m Ashanti and I’ve been at the forefront of culture and content since the beginning days of social media. I’ve worked with a range of brands, international touring acts and grammy award winners including Atmosphere, Dilated Peoples, Brother Ali, Aesop Rock, Alchemist, Evidence, Kimya Dawson, and more.

    Prior to working with MTO Agency, I was the chair of artist management at the indie rap giant Rhymesayers Entertainment, creating influential, premium content experience connecting fans and brands with influencers and hit makers. Previous to Rhymesayers, I was partnerships director for Soundset where I honed in my skills of balancing the needs of artists, brands and fans effectively and without breaching trust with branded sponsorships including: Monster Energy, TGI Fridays, Chevrolet, Uber, G-Star Raw, Square and many others.

    Influencer marketing and premium content creation is an art form, and the playground for the most advanced social marketing organizations in the world. Join us and let’s take your content to the next level and beyond.



  • Alex Palmer

    Head of Client Services

    Hi, there. I’m Alex Palmer.

    I help make sure [made to order] clients are happy and hitting their goals.

    I’ve spent the last 15 years working both client side and agency side at IMG and AKQA in Digital / eCommerce, Sports Marketing and Sponsorship or some combination of all of the above.

    My experience has covered delivery of large scale marketing, social media and live event programs for a wide range of brands and sports properties including Nike, VISA, Rugby World Cup, Manchester City FC, The Tour de France, The Garmin Pro Cycling Team, Canyon Bikes and Fat Chance Bicycles.

    I’m a Brit living and working in the USA, which gives me a unique insight, expertise and network into markets on both sides of the Atlantic. When I’m not working you’ll find me hitting the mountain bike trails of Ashland, Oregon to unwind.

  • Erin Frey

    Creative Director

    Heya! I’m a seasoned Creative Director and versatile design professional specializing in brand strategy, identity and creating social media content that people love to click and share! I’ve worked with companies ranging from small startup to Fortune 500 in the entertainment, technology, beauty, food & beverage and apparel industries, helping them to define, refine or evolve their visual brand architecture and consistently communicate it in innovative ways across all mediums.

    As the former Creative Director at House of Blues Entertainment/Live Nation, I led the agency-modeled team of designers and project managers in developing cohesive and concept-driven visual brand messaging for 40+ separate live music, entertainment and restaurant venues across the United States.

    Between design projects and building my kids clothing line The Wittle Co, I chase around a toddler who is dead-set on bulldozing through life (and our home!) and keeping me on my toes — literally.

  • Amy Kniss

    Head of Advertising

    Hellllloooo!!! I’m Amy and head up our advertising team. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Pinterest, you name it, we do it. We develop social, mobile, local and search marketing strategies that support business goals and optimize ROI. My work has delivered

    ○ 1,000% increase in calls, week-over-week, based on AdWords strategy
    ○ 12% increase in client’s month-over-month sales with Facebook ad campaign
    ○ 80% increase in website CTR from Facebook ads using audience-specific, micro-targeting
    ○ Open rate 2x industry average for MailChimp campaigns
    ○ 5.5% increase Google AdWords campaign CTR with mobile click-to-call
    ○ 200% increase in ad-position without an increase in spending

    I’ve worked with small and large organizations including: Bank of America, Radio Shack, Farmers Insurance, TurboTax, Chase Sapphire,YP, DirecTV, Clorox, VW, Honeywell, City of San Diego, University of California, MD Anderson.

    I hold a B.A. in Psychobiology from University of Pennsylvania and did graduate work in marketing at New York University. Along with advising [mto], I keep busy spending time with my amazing kids and furthering our family passions around food and travel.

  • Clint Schaff

    Clint Schaff

    Head of Influencer Marketing

    Yo! I’m Clint Schaff.

    I help craft and execute strategy for influencer marketing efforts that support reputation management and drive word of mouth.

    Over the last 16 years, I’ve built marketing teams at the first social media agency (M80), client side (The Wonderful Company), and for leading agencies and agency networks (Golin, Edelman, Vision7).

    My experience includes marketing campaigns, big and small, involving digital and social media, public relations and advertising for a diverse set of clients including Activision, David Bowie, Dole, FIJI Water, Fox Home Entertainment, Microsoft, Nintendo, New York Yankees, POM Wonderful, Procter & Gamble, Toyota, Unilever and Wonderful Pistachios.  I have helped lead startup companies, and have served as an adjunct professor for USC Annenberg for 8+ years in its Digital Social Media and Strategic Public Relations masters degree programs.

    I’m a North Dakotan living in Los Angeles by way of Minneapolis, New York City, Washington DC and Chicago. A graduate of both the University of Minnesota and USC, my resume is as full of shenanigans as it is marketing campaigns.  I once appeared on a network reality television dating show, donned the Goldy Gopher mascot costume in college, and sing old school hip hop karaoke as frequently as possible.

  • Aimen Barma

    Product and Omnichannel Marketing Adviser

    Hello! I’m Aimen and I’ve been a product management and digital marketing/ecommerce executive for 20+ years. I specialize in creating and implementing dynamic, high growth programs and teams that are integrated, omnichannel and span across digital and traditional offline channels.

    Currently, I am the CEO of a consultancy that specializes in digital transformation via strategic planning, roadmap development, packaging and pricing and product/marketing plan creation for consumer brands. As an advisor to {made to order], I’m able to provide companies with an omnichannel, digital transformation and best practices roadmap that delivers dynamic, high-growth results efficiently.

    During my career I have served in CXO,VP or consulting roles for Fortune 500 brands and Innovative technology start ups. My initiatives have repeatedly delivered significant customer growth and 300%+ YoY revenue growth for the following brands: Microsoft, NASCAR, Intuit, Chase, Xerox, Lexmark, Amazon, eBay, PayPal, United Nations, Apple, Audible, Ancestry and many others.

    I hold a B.A. in Psychobiology from University of Pennsylvania and did graduate work in marketing at New York University. Along with advising [mto], I keep busy spending time with my amazing kids and furthering our family passions around food and travel.

  • Susan Brazer

    Mobile Media Adviser

    Hello! I’m Susan and I’ve been a digital media and mobile exec, who’s led the development and commercialization of disruptive platforms, apps and services. Currently, I am the CEO of LionShare Media, which creates immersive media apps for premium entertainment and consumer brands. These apps change the game as they’re video-rich, highly engaging brand experiences that have multiple sources of monetization. As an advisor to {made to order], I’m able to provide companies with the most current thinking on how to reach mobile-first Millennials.

    Prior to this, I’ve served as VP of Strategy and Business Development for Nokia’s smart phones and connected devices and VP Corporate Development and New Product Strategy for Virgin Mobile USA, where I led the shift to 3G data services and created the Sugar Mama mobile advertising and Stash payments services. Prior to this, I was EVP, Business Development of Kirch Media’s venture fund for the FIFA World Cup and SVP for the launch of Viacom’s ShowTime TV service in Middle East and Africa, where I managed MTV, VH1, Nickelodeon, The Movie Channel, TV Land, Bloomberg and Discovery channels. I launched DirecTV and the first digital TV systems in Europe for SES Astra. I started my path in tech at Apple, where I launched it’s first portable computer and concepted the first PDA’s—the Newton and Knowledge Navigator, which laid the groundwork for iPADs and Siri.

    I hold a B.A. in Economics from Brandeis University, an MBA from Kellogg and attended the London School of Economics and serve as a mentor at Princeton University for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

  • Alan Rakov

    Data Strategy & Analytics Adviser

    You must like data. Me, too. I’ve used insights from data to build new revenue and distribution channels, implement dynamic pricing capabilities, and inventory management strategies. At [made to order], I help make sure we use data to make better decisions and increase impact for our clients and business.

    Previous to working with [made to order], I was the Chief Strategy Officer for Live Nation Entertainment’s North American Concerts division and Revenue Management President prior to that. I worked with Ticketmaster Entertainment for several years in a variety of positions,including head of TicketExchange, Ticketmaster’s secondary market solution and as General Manager of Northern California and Northern Nevada for Ticketmaster, where I had P&L responsibility for Ticketmaster’s fourth largest market.

    Along with advising [mto], I always have some new exciting project keeping me busy along with my gorgeous wife and awesome kids.

  • Hannah Heilicher

    Program Coordinator

    Hey Hey Hey! My name is Hannah Heilicher and I am program coordinator here at MTO Agency which means I help manage our team, our clients, and project organization, plus assist with our amazing MTO EDU program. Basically, I organize the stuff, keep track of the things, help our clients and EDU Masterminds connect with Team MTO.


    A childhood in the live music & outdoor summer events scene of Minneapolis, Minnesota led me to pursue college degrees in Marketing, Entertainment Management and Management Information Systems from The University of Montana. My marketing experience expands paid social media campaigns, print advertising management and branding overhauls to live social media management for concerts, fundraisers and festivals.

    I am a passionate advocate for work-life balance, time away from screens, and daily gratitude practice. When I’m not working with MTO, I am an aerial yoga teacher in Bend Oregon. It’s an honor to spend my days working to better our world through supporting unique value-driven businesses and my evenings inspiring my community to support their personal values of self-care.

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