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Meet the Team

good to
meet you

Meet the Team

meet mtowe create conscious companies, cultures & leaders.
mto Agency was born from a passion to help people and impact our world. Our roots began with empowering brands and organizations to develop authenticity and share it across platforms. It gave us a unique vantage point and we saw that to truly be authentic, leaders and businesses needed to go deeper. That every aspect of their companies needed to be aligned, and that it must go beyond the extrinsic. We took our experience and affinity for education to create a brand new, proprietary approach to their success. Today, that’s our conscious business and culture work.


Gretchen Fox - CEO of MTO

Gretchen Fox

CEO & Founder

Arielle Mullen - MTO Strategic Marketing Specialist

Arielle Mullen

Senior Digital Strategist

Kyle Henry - Social Media Manager MTO Agency

Kyle Henry

Digital Strategist

Craig Wein - MTO Agency Digital Marketing Strategist

Craig Wein

Data Optimization

our company culture

We believe that work can be happy, profitable, and meaningful. We honor the identities, traditions, abilities, needs, and all of the things that make each team member a unique and valued contributor to our best work.


Kat Eves - MTO Brand Director

Kat Eves

Brand Director

Tameka Kee - Editorial Director

Tameka Kee

Editorial & Comms Director

Sacha Webley

Sacha Webley

Creative Director

Erin Stevanus - Sr Product Designer

Erin Stevanus

Senior Product Designer

Mariana Sahagun - MTO Agency Graphic Designer

Mariana Sahagún

Graphic Designer

Evandro - MTO Agency Graphic Designer

Evandro Silva

Graphic Designer

Alexa Wilkinson - MTO Agency Graphic Designer

Alexa Wilkinson

Graphic Designer

Ana Paula - Graphic Designer

Ana Paula

Graphic Designer

working to be “part of the solution”

We are dedicated to fostering an equitable and inclusive team culture that is actively antiracist and committed to growth, education, open dialogue, and action.

client services

Jon Reens - Client Partner

Jon Reens

Client Partner

Rebecca Teal MTO Agency

Rebecca Teal

Executive Project Manager

Dominique Clark - Project Manager

Nique Clark

Project Manager

Hannah Hellicher - MTO Wellness & Productivity Manager

Hannah Heilicher

Wellness & Productivity Manager

Charlie Rash MTO Agency

Charlie Rash

Executive Assistant

empowering others

We are passionate about helping leaders and organizations develop conscious businesses and cultures. We lend our training, expertise, and proprietary approach to help companies succeed and impact the world.


Alex Palmer - MTO Outdoor Marketing

Alex Palmer

Outdoor Marketing Consultant

Clint Schaff - Content Monetization Strategist

Clint Schaff

Content Monetization Strategist

Stuart Mouritzen - Advisor MTO Agency

Stuart Mouritzen

Social Growth Partner

Susan Brazer - MTO Advisor

Susan Brazer


Kenneth Windsor – MTO Branding Advisor

Kenneth Windsor

Brand & Strategy Advisor

Amy Kniss - MTO Strategic Marketing Specialist

Amy Kniss

Optimization Advisor