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Today’s global uncertainties are hitting our teams hard, and as leaders we’re encountering a myriad of challenges from navigating distractions to overcoming disengagement and dysfunction within our teams.  This is a real crises for organizations.  But here’s the real kicker, using historical solutions like throwing more bodies or cash at the problem, won’t fix it.  It’s merely a band-aid that will require more people, more money in a short amount of time and still leaves employees disgruntled and disengaged.

Want to know the real game-changer?

It’s investing in your most valuable asset, your people.  Providing emotional intelligence support and training in the workplace teaches employees the skill of well-being, a skill that most were never taught at home or school but one that can be learned, practiced and integrated in short order.   Imagine your workplace buzzing with empowered employees, turbocharged productivity and a fatter bottom line. 

Join the Thriving Culture Movement as we revolutionize the way companies approach workplace culture.  Let’s create a workplace where every employee feels seen, heard, valued, respected, and empowered to reach their full potential.  Together, we can build a culture of thriving that drives lasting success and sets the standard for excellence in the industry.

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the staggering truth:

  • 1/3 of employees want to quit and are either doing it or doing it quietly — either way, the expense is huge.

  • 76% of employees are disengaged and are costing you more than 36% of their annual salary — for a 50-person organization, that’s a loss of over $680K annually.

  • 86% of people said their personal and professional well-being isn’t where it should be, and yet, 67% of people said their well-being is a top priority. (2023 Annual Wellbeing Report – lululemon)

  • Challenging workplace behaviors are like a virus — spreading quickly and wreaking havoc on your company culture.

  • “Firms of Endearment,” coined by Conscious Capitalism pioneer, Raj Sisodia, outperform companies on the S&P 500 by 14X and Good to Great companies by 6X.

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Our certified facilitators and leadership team are dedicated to elevating your business. We provide invaluable knowledge and cultivate a culture of non-judgment, empathy, and active listening. Let us empower your organization with leadership development, employee wellness, and industry excellence.

Schedule an introductory call today and receive a complimentary survey tool to gauge employee interest in the program. With our diverse industry experience and commitment to workplace belonging, your teams will thrive, ensuring sustained growth and success.

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