Gretchen Fox Palmer

Meet MTO’s CEO

Hello! I founded MTO [made to order] to help people transform their business & leadership skills for success in the modern world. I have worked with hundreds of executives, including some of the most powerful leaders from around the globe at companies with over $7 billion in annual revenue. Today, I help create conscious brands, leaders and business cultures that are designed to succeed while making a positive impact on people and our planet. 

It includes working with Fortune 500s and top executives, as well as startups and entrepreneurs. I also share guidance and insight about conscious capitalism as a speaker, in media appearances, and as a contributor to Forbes online. It brings me particular delight to help others learn how businesses can succeed while driving change in the world. When I’m not empowering others, I’m working on DIY projects with my husband, riding my horse Trigger, and evolving to be the best me I can be. 

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Shanna Crigger, Director of Communications, Graniterock 

“Gretchen has helped me a lot. She’s definitely helped me to rise up and build my leadership skills. It’s really great to have her to bounce things off of; she’s always pushing me and encouraging me to look for opportunities. We’re doing some really cool things and it’s great to have that recognition and be able to share what I’ve learned with others.”

Chris Kibarian, Private Equity Advisor

“Gretchen is a powerful strategic advisor we have relied on to help build our brand, digital presence and positioning strategy. She is very creative, responsive and astute. I would hope to work with Gretchen and MTO in all my future business building endeavors.”

Nicolle Aleman, Head of Marketing, Southern Oregon University

“MTO Agency and CEO Gretchen Fox were instrumental in helping us pull together a clear, comprehensive handbook that has been integral to training new employees as well as building upon the skillsets of existing employees. Gretchen and her employees were all poised, professional, knowledgeable and delivered engaging and rich presentations.”

Valerie Grison-Alsop, Founder Give Us The Floor

“MTO Agency was a crucial part of our non-profit organization’s development. CEO Gretchen Fox also helped me source top talent, and one of her recommendations happens to still be with our organization in a leadership position three years after the fact.

We are very grateful for MTO Agency and their contributions to Give Us The Floor. This high end, boutique agency provided us with great value and their early involvement helped us build the foundation we needed to serve hundreds of teens in distress.”