Gretchen Fox Palmer

Meet MTO’s CEO

Gretchen Fox Palmer is a vibrant yet raw, heart-centered, consciousness-driven leader who has not only survived but THRIVED in the male-dominated business world.

How did she do it?

She learned to listen to her own intuition and she dared to ask the question that EVERY leader should be asking themselves right now:

If the systems we have built so much of business around aren’t positively impacting the people who work within them at every level, what needs to change?

She gave herself permission to understand herself, her team, and the communities she serves as whole humans. Over eight years, she has worked tirelessly to carve out a new path — one that is people-centered and values-driven.

And now, she is creating a new space that is so needed for fellow leaders — a space to grow together and support each other. Because, well, leading with empathy is hard work, and the business world is short on mental-emotional support for leaders. In creating a space where leaders can lean into the unprecedented challenges they face together, there is a real opportunity to create positive change.