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15 years creating value-based, conscious organizations

We help our clients build conscious businesses and cultures with out-of-box strategy, infrastructure and implementation.

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featured projectYALA DesignsAfter operating for over twenty years as a business mainly focused on wholesale, Yala Designs came to us with a desire to grow revenue earned from direct-to-consumer/ecommerce. Although their full product line was already available for purchase through their website, suboptimal user experience, ad s...SEE THIS PROJECT

“What people are saying about us”

“I can’t say enough good things about my experience over the last year with MTO. I would encourage anyone to take a look at the different programs they offer and the incredible knowledge they bring.”
Susan Coss, CMO & Co-Founder, Mezcalistas

“MTO EDU is a powerful program that helps businesses understand how to harness their power, vision, organizational values and company culture to leverage social media and outreach with authenticity for growth. I appreciated that this wasn’t a cookie cutter one size fits all approach. The highly individualized program helped me focus on who Euphoria is as a business and be able to share that vision with employees, vendors, customers and social media messaging.

It was a truly transformative experience with real benefits for my business and for me as an entrepreneur.”
Bonnie Glass, Co-Owner, Euphoria Chocolate Company

“This course empowered us to express our values more boldly and do it in a thoughtful manner that really represents our entity with our ethics in mind.“BJ Barlow, Owner, 18 Oaks Sign Co

“Values-based, relevant, impact expanding. I think this course could even excite a social media introvert.”
Cynthia Scherr, Publisher & Business Strategist, Scherr Management Consulting

“As MTO EDU progresses and I look back at where I started, I am amazed at the distance I have traveled!”
Kellie Poulin, Founder, Edit Write Solutions

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