Deep Well-Being at Work is Here

Introducing the Conscious Leadership Collective

By Gretchen Fox Palmer, CEO of MTO Agency and Founder of Conscious Leadership Collective

Gretchen and Emily

After hitting a wall from total and complete burnout this past spring, I reached out to trauma-informed educational psychologist Emily Santiago to learn more about her program for first responders and educators that ‘drastically reduces burnout’ by 83% for participants within the first five months. I had to know – what was this magical program and would it work for me and my peers?

I told her how after fifteen years leading transformational change to create more conscious organizations WHILE trying to manage twenty-five people at different stages of burnout from the global pandemic *with empathy* – I was struggling to keep going.

Anyone that runs a company and manages teams knows the incredible stress of being responsible for other people’s livelihoods and how intrinsically thankless the job is. Add the fact that I was also dealing with the pandemic, I felt like I was going to implode.

Emily responded, “It’s no wonder you feel the way you do, work culture isn’t set-up to support emotional well-being,” how people need collective well-being, a dedicated, judgement-free space for sharing the stress and emotional toll we endure working, working while parenting, working while taking care of aging parents, working during a pandemic, and on and on…

And how reflective Peer Conversations™ are the solution – private, confidential small groups (5-6 people) facilitated by a trained Reflective Supervisor to model emotional regulation and deep active listening. It’s amazing what happens when people like you, hear what you are going through, listen empathetically and simply says – I HEAR YOU, I GET IT and share their own stories, too.

Emily and I worked together to shape the program for business leaders (executive, entrepreneurs and people managing teams) and we just launched an invite-only private beta Peer Conversations™ with 18 of some of the most amazing transformative leaders I know.

On the intro call, leaders were already sharing how ‘lovely it is to feel like I am not alone’. No, you are not alone – the Conscious Leadership Collective is here for you!

For those of you who would like to be considered for the program, you can learn more and join the waitlist here (you may also immediately access the new Deep Well-being Studio, an interactive course for conscious leaders designed for busy schedules. The first 30 days are free to try!)

Join us – Deep Well-being at work is possible and it’s here for you now ❤

Photographer: Chelsea Mudlo

Stylist: Kat Eves