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Hey Honey! Artisanals Beverage Start-up

Bringing A Family Crafted Lemonade Brand to Life Online


Startup Hey Honey! was aiming to enter the highly competitive beverage market and needed a strong identity to set it apart from the competition. With a limited marketing budget, CEO Anna Reidinger knew a distinct brand identity and a strong social presence would be mission critical. Hey Honey! is a honey sweetened lemonade with no added sugar, additives or preservatives requiring a higher price point than any lemonade currently on the shelves. The challenge was to create a brand identity that communicated the exceptional and unique flavor options, purity of ingredients and the benefits of a honey sweetened product while maintaining the friendly, local and family nature of the brand.


A Social Identity, Community Activation and Content Strategy to build the narrative of the values and promises of the company was the answer. Our co-founder and resident social branding expert Kyra Reed evaluated the competition and determined the opportunity in the market for something new. By taking the company through a series of workshops, we were able to nail down the motivations and principles of the brand, the breakdown and prioritization of key audiences to reveal a brand that was playful, dedicated to health, wellness — and the bees! It was a brand experience that clean-living moms and fitness junkies would love.

The results were a consistent character and tone for Hey Honey! across touch points whether it was their bottle or their Facebook page. The brand — and business – has succeeded in capturing the market in Northern California and continues to grow. If you are in the area be sure to give them a try:


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[made to order] helped us define a set of social branding guidelines that has given us tremendous value.

Anna Riedenger, CEO, Hey Honey! Artisinals

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