By Gretchen Fox Palmer, CEO of MTO Agency and Founder of Conscious Leadership Collective

Vulnerability 💝

That’s what we’re discussing in Peer Conversations™ this week, and wow – the things our leaders have shared with each other during these calls are nothing short of profound.

While most of us really dislike the sensations that arise in our body when we feel vulnerable — being aware of that powerful emotion & listening to its message for us is a GAMECHANGER.

As children, it’s often unsafe to be vulnerable. We didn’t have agency then; we couldn’t necessarily leave or get out of the situation. So, we learned to cope. We learned to be defensive or go on offense. Fight, flight, freeze.

And Thank Goodness — these coping mechanisms have allowed us not just to survive but thrive.

And now, as people committed to #consciousleadership, we get the opportunity to pause when we notice our own tell-tale signs that we are feeling vulnerable. Then, we can CHOOSE how we want to respond. We can use our handy coping skills, OR we can decide to lean in, be honest with our vulnerability, and even maybe have the courage to open up to others about it.

The beauty of what happens when we feel safe to open up with others, and they are able to meet our vulnerability with appreciation for our courage to share — well, there’s just nothing else like it. Emotional intimacy — it’s just maybe the best thing ever ❤️

I feel so honored to do this work.

Photo from the @consciousleadershipcollective spring retreat last week after some transformative breakthroughs.

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