The #1 thing most leaders DON’T have

By Gretchen Fox Palmer, CEO of MTO Agency and Founder of Conscious Leadership Collective

It’s funny how we’re given all of the strategic business and leadership skills we need as founders and executives through our education and other channels.

We’re given the knowledge required to create and grow our companies and careers.

And, it works! But, we’re not taught any of the mental and emotional skills.

I’m not just talking about handling stress, but all aspects of emotional intelligence and mental agility. Can you think of a single class you’ve taken or course you’ve finished about this? I hadn’t either.

Professional athletes, Olympians, first responders, and teachers are all taught these skills. Yet, the people who lead and work at companies are not.

It’s no wonder that so many leaders, executives, and teams struggle inside. They’re depressed, anxious, overwhelmed, maxed out, and spread thin. It can impact your business and success in ways you may not even recognize or notice.

If that describes how you’ve felt or feel today, you’re not alone.

As a conscious business owner and leader, I’ve seen it firsthand. I’ve also experienced it myself.

It inspired me to look for a solution. I knew there had to be a better way. And, there is. I created a unique, high-level business group as a result, a group that gives leaders and teams emotional intelligence training, skills, and support. Based on proven tactics, workable with busy schedules. Members of the group have been blown away by the benefits and results.

Can’t wait to hear what you think!

In pleasure 🙏🏼
~ gretchen

You can learn more and give it a try here:

Peer Conversations™ provides evidence-based emotional intelligence tools and support adapted specifically for business leaders and teams. Relieve stress, stop burnout, increase success, and build emotional capacity. Ready to get going? Let’s Go!

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