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A powerful, out-of-the-box resource and support for modern business leaders and teams doing things differently.

we are the collective transforming business and beyond.

The Conscious Leadership Collective was created to provide education, support and community to leaders and teams driving conscious business and culture in today’s modern world. We are the leaders pushing against the status quo of legacy systems, biases and beliefs.

We share a commitment to leading and building successful organizations consciously, with inclusion, compassion and consideration for people and the planet. We believe businesses and leaders can do what is right because it is right, and know we can grow our companies and make a profit without compromising our values. We understand that to create the paradigm shift to do business differently, we are going to have to do it together. That’s what the Conscious Leadership Collective is about.

Peer Conversations™

Evidence-based emotional intelligence tools and support adapted specifically for business leaders and teams. Relieve stress, stop burnout, increase success, and build emotional capacity.

We’ve taken the potent program used by first responders and educators proven to reduce stress and burnout by 83% and improve emotional regulation by 94% within the first five months of participation, and adapted it to meet the demanding needs of modern leaders and workforces. For the first time, it’s available through a collaboration between former 500 Corporate Executive and MTO agency CEO Gretchen Fox Palmer and trauma-informed educational psychologist and founder of the Center for Cognitive Diversity, Emily Santiago.

join now to experience:


Get the training and skills to do the deep work of transformational change in your organization and meet peers who are committed to the same.


Expand, improve and succeed in a confidential, compassionate and structured space with deep, quality relationships for like-minded leaders like you.


Groups are thoughtfully curated by job function (corporate execs are in a different group than startup founders or small business owners) and led with the unique needs of each in mind.


Grow and evolve with people who understand your job scope, organizational environment, and challenges. Experience the power of peer groups designed for your needs and demands.

Includes access to:
  • Introductory training session
  • 90-minute Monthly Peer Conversations™ led by transformative supervision facilitators
  • Access to our private virtual community to connect in a safe, secure channel
    Full access to ask questions and gain guidance within the group
  • Exclusive content, learnings and other materials developed by a transformative team
  • Complimentary access to the Conscious Leadership 101 program

Available for individuals and groups.

Join Your Peers

meet your facilitators

Gretchen Fox Palmer

Emily Santiago, LEP NCSP

Alexander Palmer

Hannah Heilicher

experience the power of well-being at work

Success has focused solely on physical skills and intellectual knowledge – until now. Your certified facilitators know your business and lead with non-judgment, understanding, emotional intelligence and active listening. As a group, we will share and reflect on our professional and organizational growth challenges, and of course, successes!

the collective is for people who are changing the world through business. Like you.

Over half of success is driven by emotional intelligence and well-being, the ability to manage emotions and mental health. It demands more than simply thinking positively. The Conscious Leadership Collective is a first-of-its-kind program designed to give leaders and businesses the tools and support to succeed, strengthen and develop their emotional intelligence and expand their inner capacity for well-being at work.