Tackling the Hidden Cost of Workplace Disengagement

By Gretchen Fox Palmer, CEO of MTO Agency and Founder of the Conscious Leadership Collective

In today’s organizations, the presence of disengaged employees isn’t just an isolated issue—it’s a widespread challenge with significant implications. Did you know that disengaged employees can cost companies up to 34% of their annual salary in lost productivity? Beyond impacting morale, this has a direct impact on your bottom line.

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Disengagement in the workplace can manifest in various detrimental ways, impacting team dynamics and organizational success:

  • Disengagement Creep: One unengaged employee can influence others, creating a ripple effect that dampens team enthusiasm and productivity.
  • Reduced Performance: Disengaged employees typically underperform, directly affecting your company’s output and quality of work.
  • Increased Turnover: Disengagement often leads to higher turnover rates, incurring significant costs in recruitment and training for replacements.

But the problem is easy to fix.  By implementing Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Training, you and your teams will experience the following transformations:

  • Boosted Self-Awareness: EQ training helps employees understand their impact on the team and motivates them to change.
  • Enhanced Engagement: By addressing emotional factors, we can reignite employees’ interest and commitment to work.
  • New Culture of Belonging: A workplace that values EQ fosters a supportive and motivating environment for all.

To learn more about our program, check out the EQ @Work Blueprint:  Cultivating an (ROI) Positive Culture by Empowering Peak Performance.

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