Introduction to Peer Conversations™

By Gretchen Fox Palmer, CEO of MTO Agency and Founder of Conscious Leadership Collective

Before joining Peer Conversations™, everyone must take one ninety-minute training.

In that training, we go through the structure of the program. We get information about how we’re supposed to show up, what my role is to facilitate our conversations, agree to the Community Agreements & sign a confidentiality agreement.

The training session is really important for us to create a psychologically safe space where leaders can show up and be vulnerable enough to share the biggest challenges we face at work.

We agree to participate in a non-judgemental space & to shut off phones & not multitask so we can really listen to each other.

We learn we are not here to offer advice. We’re here to listen, validate, empathize & connect *emotionally.

We agreed to assume positive intent but acknowledge impact. Really know that everybody that shows up in this program is really here to do their own personal work and to show up to be a better leader.

Whether you’re an executive who is managing up and managing down, trying to meet a bunch of big goals, and having pressure to get that done. Or you’re an entrepreneur who is responsible for other people’s livelihoods. Or you manage people and you really give a lot. The common theme is, as a leader, there’s often nobody that gives us emotional support to do this work. We come together to provide this support in Peer Conversations™.

In this short video, I give you a glimpse of what you need to be aware of before watching the Sample Peer Conversations™ session.

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I look forward to supporting you on your leadership journey!

In pleasure 🙏🏼
~ gretchen