EQ @Work

Empower peak performance with a turnkey program that cultivates an (ROI) positive culture.

77% of people dislike their jobs.

The world is evolving at an accelerated pace of change and stress, mental, emotional health issues are all on the rise. In the 2023 Annual Global Wellbeing Report by lululemon, one in three respondents to the survey said their wellbeing is lower than it has ever been before and—although more than 67% of people ranked their wellbeing as a top priority—only 12% said they thought theirs was where it should be.

This is a crisis for organizations.

The good news: Well-being is a skill. A skill that most adults were never taught at home or school but one that can be learned, practiced and integrated in short order.

The EQ @Work Blueprint

Relieve stress, stop burnout, increase success, and build emotional capacity.

We’ve adapted the potent program used by first responders and educators proven to reduce stress and burnout and improve emotional regulation and adapted it to meet the demanding needs of modern leaders and workforces.

After five months of participation, survey results show 85% said the program impacted their life “by a good amount” or more with 37.5% saying “by an incredible amount”, and 87.5% said the program has become “critical” for creating a positive company culture.

participating teams experience:


Teams learn the skills to better cope with work and life stress, improve communications and interpersonal relationships with team members.


Improve company culture with a dedicated time and structured space for developing deeper, quality relationships that build trust and loyalty.


Participants are supported with their individual needs by the group facilitator and thoughtfully guided to reflect on unhealthy perspectives and opportunities for growth.

Open Communication

Provide the safe container for regular, open communication within team, encouragingopen dialogue, and fostering an environment where concerns and complaints can be addressed constructively.

EQ at Work program includes:
  • Introductory 90 minute training session
  • 90-minute Monthly Peer Conversations™ program led by transformative supervision facilitators
  • Individualized coaching in the group setting
  • More than a dozen emotional intelligence tools that can be used over and over again
  • Access to the Conscious Leadership program
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experience the power of well-being at work

Historically, organizational success has focused solely on work-specific skills and intellectual knowledge – until now. Your certified facilitators elevate your business and teach your teams to develop and maintain a grounded in non-judgment, understanding, emotional intelligence and active listening. Your team will be given the tools to better meet professional and organizational growth challenges, allowing your organization to better succeed holistically.

EQ at Work is for organizations adapting to the modern world.

Over half of success is driven by emotional intelligence and well-being, the ability to manage emotions and mental health. It demands more than simply thinking positively. EQ at Work is a first-of-its-kind program designed to give leaders and businesses the tools and support to succeed, strengthen and develop their emotional intelligence and expand their inner capacity for well-being at work.

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