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The program your organization needs today to bring the power of Purpose and Pleasure to your success and culture.

We help leaders blaze a bold new trail of well-being at work.

The Conscious Leadership Culture Program is a groundbreaking, out of box solution to help today’s leaders leverage one of the most powerful assets to their organization’s success: Emotional health and well-being in the workplace. Designed from the potent, proven approach of blending Pleasure and Purpose, the program provides science-backed processes with step-by-step guidance and support.

It’s the dynamic new playbook to creating a true conscious business and culture starting from within your organization, leaders and teams.

What’s the secret behind the most prolific, highly successful conscious companies in the world? How are these multi-million dollar organizations driving major profits while serving their employees, communities and the environment? It begins with the key role that emotional intelligence and well-being play. Conscious leaders and businesses that recognize this rise to the top.

Join now to gain:

Emotions at Work

Your leaders and teams will learn why healthy, happy business is a critical part to success, and how to weave it into your work and culture.

Workplace Assessment 

Your company’s success in internal values alignment from the perspective of your employees. A thorough deep-dive that will improve your organization.

Workshop & Training

Trauma-informed leadership and team training that empowers your organization and employees to create a healthy workplace that moves the needle.

Monthly Tracking & Support

A monthly dual-track system that includes peer conversations across leadership, management, and team member groups to keep a happy, healthy culture.

Includes access to:
  • Hands-on training and insight
  • Powerful evaluation and analysis
  • Proven tactics and processes
  • Actionable steps and accountability
  • Monthly assessment and adjustment
  • Experienced guidance and support
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Gretchen Fox Palmer

Successful conscious businesses and leaders prioritize emotional health and wellbeing across their organization.

Today’s top conscious talent choose companies and leaders that put people first. In order to compete, leaders must prioritize emotional health and well-being at every turn. It begins from within your culture and business environment. Employees don’t expect perfection, just progress. They want to succeed at incredible organizations that align with their values and feel right. Companies that rise to the challenge and that are ultimately great places to work. The Conscious Leadership Culture program empowers your organization to achieve this and more.