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Prove Social Media Revenue Impact In 5 Steps — And Get More Budget

Posted in MTO Agency | On February 5, 2017 By Gretchen Fox

If you are one of the many marketers still fighting to get social media funded appropriately at your organization — this is for you. As a recovering corporate executive, I’ll tell you flat out, if you can’t tie your social media results to revenue, you won’t get your program funded well. Period. And while social […]

Busting The Myth On Social Media ROI

Posted in MTO Agency | On April 20, 2016 By Gretchen Fox

If you have any doubt that social media is an absolute goldmine primed to be picked out of the ether like an apple off a tree, you need to invest the two or three minutes it will take to read this post. The first thing you must realize is the notion that social doesn’t drive […]

Social Media News Updates

Posted in MTO Agency | On April 19, 2016 By MTO Admin MTO

  MTO News Updates Edition III Facebook’s F8 in 90 second video How to use Facebook Instant Articles The Most Talked About Topics on Facebook and Instagram in March What You Can Learn From The Top 100 CMOs on Twitter  2016 Shorty Award Winners    MTO News Updates Edition II Instagram Launches What We Are […]

Top 5 Mistakes With Onboarding And Managing Junior Social Media Employees

Posted in MTO Agency | On March 6, 2016 By Gretchen Fox

With the enormous demand for social media and content creation, marketing executives and business owners alike are bringing on more and more junior staff — and rightly so. Young and hungry team members are great for organizations. And since they are now digital natives, these young workers have a real, intuitive handle on social communications and […]

Face Stats: You Are Missing The Entire World Of Social Media

Posted in MTO Agency | On October 30, 2015 By Gretchen Fox

As we work to crack the code to social media and help set much-needed industry standards, we continue to peel back the onion and reveal critical points where companies are failing — and failing hard. And to really get this, you’re going to have to wipe clean your current understanding of social media and open your mind to […]

Yahoo Careers and Data Driven Women Presentation

Posted in MTO Agency | On October 24, 2015 By MTO Admin MTO

My presentation at Data Driven Women was incredible.  The hosts were absolutely delightful and the crowd was so engaged!  If you live in SF or the surrounding area I highly recommend joining this group of brilliant women. The responses to our work were amazing:

Kyra Reed and Gretchen Fox Help Female Business Owners Overcome Gender Pay Gap and Accelerate Their Business With Social Media

Posted in MTO Agency | On October 23, 2015 By MTO Admin MTO

According to the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, women in the United States make 78 cents for every man’s dollar made. Kyra Reed and Gretchen Fox may have the solution to overcome gender inequality in the workplace. According to Entrepreneur Magazine, Reed is a pioneering a social media consultant, who completely revitalized the historic Sunset […]