Update key sales and marketing materials used by the Dance Media sales team to nurture and convert potential advertisers.

the brief

Dance Media is a publishing company based in New York. Although their collection of dance-focused publications were well known within the industry, they, like many others, made the choice to shift to digital in 2020. Our team worked with Dance Media’s project stakeholders to update key sales and marketing materials, most notably their digital advertising sales kit. In the course of our engagement we discovered a number of key data insights as well, which served to provide a more accurate view into the massive scale of their digital footprint.


Dance Media


Sales & Marketing Materials

what our client says

“MTO is named just right, since we rely on this great team for ‘Made To Order’ digital business needs across our products, brands and team. From deep data dives to contemporary marketing collateral, from senior sales strategies to internal comms support, MTO’s expertise lies seemingly everywhere! MTO actually can be everything to everyone in your business, because their organization is only made up of A players who are all subject matter experts in their field. And if you don’t know what you don’t know, MTO helps there as well. We are about a year into our partnership and Dance Media is definitely better off, thanks to MTO!”

Joanna Harp, CRO & Publisher, Dance Media

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