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This high-impact program works with busy schedules, delivering a curated selection each month of modern leadership topics, interactive tools and exercises to integrate into your daily life.

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The Conscious Leadership Collective was created to provide education, support and community to leaders and teams driving conscious business and culture in today’s modern world. We are the leaders pushing against the status quo of legacy systems, biases and beliefs.

We share a commitment to leading and building successful organizations consciously, with inclusion, compassion and consideration for people and the planet. We believe businesses and leaders can do what is right because it is right, and know we can grow our companies and make a profit without compromising our values. We understand that to create the paradigm shift to do business differently, we are going to have to do it together. That’s what the Conscious Leadership Collective is about.

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conscious leadership digital course

Each module features a conscious leadership topic with corresponding material designed to expand your consciousness and emotional intelligence, deepen your sense of well-being, and tap into your highest state of intuition and innovation. Along with one new module each month, you’ll gain entry to a private virtual community where you can connect with other members in a safe, secure channel. In addition, you’ll get access to a private Q&A hosted by Gretchen Fox Palmer and featured CLC Podcast guests. (Guests from Gretchen’s previous podcast include leaders from the Obama White House and the NFL).

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Gain the insight and knowledge to truly become a conscious business leader and team through highly curated, focused teachings designed to educate and inspire.


Get constant, consistent access to cutting-edge content, practices, and tools to expand and accelerate your conscious business leadership, knowledge, and success.


Leverage our tools for self-assessment designed to help develop conscious business leaders and teams. Identify and shape the impact you want to make, your values, and more.


Discover the tools and tactics to expand your emotional intelligence, mental health and well-being and put them into action in your work and success. Today and every day

Includes access to:
  • Introduction to the Consciousness of Leadership
  • New content, practices and integration tools on cutting-edge conscious leadership topics
  • 360°Well-being Self Assessment tool
  • CLC: Weekly Reflection & Planning tool
  • CLC: Well-Being Day Planner

Available for individuals and groups.

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the Collective is for people who are changing the world through business. Like you.

Over half of success is driven by emotional intelligence and well-being, the ability to manage emotions and mental health. It demands more than simply thinking positively. The Conscious Leadership Collective is a first-of-its-kind program designed to give leaders and businesses the tools and support to succeed, strengthen and develop their emotional intelligence and expand their inner capacity for well-being at work.