Top 10 Things to do RIGHT NOW to Drive BFCM Sales

Do this stuff now, thank us later.

By Arielle Mullen, Digital Strategist

Do this now, thank us later.

The holiday season is nearly upon us, and if you don’t have a plan in place to help boost sales during Black Friday, you could be missing out on a ton of potential revenue. Ideally, a promotional plan would be created months in advance, but if you missed the boat on this, we’ve got you covered! It’s not too late.

We’ve collected our suggestions for the top ten most valuable things you can do to boost your Black Friday sales.

  1. Create a Promotion: Make a list of your top ten most popular products/services and put them at the center of your campaign. If you have a brick-and-mortar store, create two discount codes. One for in-store purchases, the other for online. (Don’t forget to share your discount codes both in-store and online!)
  2. Be Authentic & Engaging: Use language in your copy that reflects your values to resonate with your audience in a real way and capture their attention. Ask yourself why they’d want to shop with you over your competitors and let that drive your language.
  3. Build Suspense: Create teaser posts with info about your upcoming promos.
  4. Target Warm Leads on Facebook: Create a post on Facebook, then boost it to an audience of your “warm leads.” If you don’t have audiences previously configured in Facebook, create a custom audience made up of your most engaged fansPro tip: You can create a second custom audience by importing a list of your most valuable email subscribers.
  5. Update Creative Assets: Create a seasonal banner to display on your website header/footer, in promotional emails, and on social media. Pro tip: Even if you’ve never created graphics before, you can use Canva to create quick and easy graphics in minutes.
  6. Optimize, Optimize, Optimize: Test your website before Black Friday/Cyber Monday to ensure it can provide a great user experience.
  7. Create Urgency: Use language in your campaigns that motivates your customer to act fast, and consider adding a countdown timer or inventory counter (via widget/plugin) to your website.
  8. Utilize Email Campaigns: Send at least three emails per day: Promotion Announcement, Launch/Reminder, and End-of-Sale notification). Don’t link to your homepage, but instead direct traffic to your product pages or collection of bestsellers.
  9. Duplicate & Repeat: After your first round of emails, resend your messages to anyone who didn’t open the first campaign. Before resending, update and change the subject lines and preview text. Pro tip: Check out our blog post on the Do’s & Don’ts of Email Marketing.
  10. Prep Your Customer Service Team: Ensure your team is equipped for the boost in traffic, and surge of customer service needs on all platforms (website, email, social media, and in-store).

Conclusion: Once your BFCM promotions have ended, don’t forget to review your performance! Collecting data is useless if you don’t leverage it to inform your future marketing choices.

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