Tools to Boost SEO

Our favorite (and easy!) tools for improving your SEO.

By Arielle Mullen, Digital Strategist


“How do I get my website onto the first page of Google’s search results?”

It’s a challenge that’s plagued business owners for decades (yes, decades!), and one we hear frequently from clients. The simplest (and most irritating) answer is to ensure your website is relevant and valuable to the intended audience, and follows industry standards and best practices. (Also, if your website isn’t optimized for mobile, you should get on that immediately).

The good news is that there is a seemingly endless number of tools, both free and paid, aimed at helping you assess and improve your ranking on search engines. Below you’ll find a roundup of a few of our favorite SEO tools.

Answer the Public

An excellent tool for conducting free keyword research, this site is also pretty fun to play around with. Enter keywords or phrases into the search bar to view an aggregated selection of related questions. It’s especially useful for revealing the motivations of the people behind the search queries, which, as any marketer can tell you, is invaluable insight to have.

Uber Suggest

This free, web-based application was created by Neil Patel, who also has a robust library of great educational content on SEO-related topics. There are a few tools within Uber Suggest, and all are definitely worth checking out. Use it for keyword and/or content ideas, website auditing, or to find backlinks on any website. We suggest running your own website through the SEO Analyzer tool, as well as 3 to 5 of your top competitors. Consider also analyzing a few of the giants in your industry; this will help highlight keywords, strategies, and tactics that you can emulate in a way that makes sense for your brand.

Google My Business

This one isn’t specifically for SEO research, but if you haven’t yet claimed your Google My Business listing, it’s a must. This will help with SEO, so be sure to fill in as many of the details there as possible, and make sure the information listed is consistent with other platforms where your brand is represented (website, social media, etc.).


Although this is mainly a paid service, SpyFu does offer limited access for free. As the name suggests, this tool is excellent for conducting competitor research and can reveal what keywords they’re using and bidding on within AdWords. It’s easy to fall down the data rabbit hole with SpyFu, so if you decide to try this one out we suggest making an effort to stay focused.