Spend 10 Minutes on This…

Meet Instagram’s New IGTV Feed

 Instagram is coming after YouTube’s base with the launch of new app, IGTV. If you had any doubts about the importance of video in your social marketing, this should be your wake-up call. Time to download the app and get to know it now. Yes, this is huge.
Here’s what you need to know:
  • Long-form Video Content Welcome: IGTV users can record/share videos up to 1 hour long on the platform.
  • More video engagement: IGTV users will be more likely to engage with video content specifically than they have been on Instagram.
  • Stretch Live video further: If you’ve ever used Instagram’s Live video feature, you’ll appreciate that IGTV now archives your live videos, making them available for users to watch long after the life feed has ended.
  • No starting from scratch: Your Instagram followers will be the first to see your content when they hop onto IGTV. We consider this to be a huge plus for those of us who have spent years cultivating a targeted follower base!
  • Vertical is the new norm: Unlike YouTube, all IGTV content will appear vertical (as in, the same way you hold your phone!). Yep, this is a truly mobile video app. If the platform is successful, this could potentially change the way we create video marketing content completely (ruh roh…).
Our prediction:  This could be a whole new profitable space for influencers and marketers. Instagram will shift its discoverability algorithm in favor of users who are active and engaging on IGTV. And we’d be remiss if we didn’t expect IGTV to have future plans for original content and programming on the app, as well.
We’ll share more tips and insights on this new platform addition soon, but in the meantime, you should set aside some time poking around on the app and see how brands and influencers are already using IGTV to attract new followers.
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