A social media mastermind course for Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Small Business Owners who want a step-by-step plan that builds your brand, creates community and attracts new customers.

INTRODUCING :: Power to THRIVE Social Media Mastermind Course

This program will give you a step-by-step path to social media success, even if you’re not a digital expert!

Included in this course is:

  • Eight modules of lessons
  • Worksheets, tools and checklists we use with our MTO Agency clients
  • Access to our private Power to THRIVE™ entrepreneur Facebook group
  • A weekly call with Gretchen Fox, our team of coaches and a group of your peers. These group calls give you feedback tailored for you and your specific business while also giving you a community of peers going through the program at the same time.

The course gives you:

  • A brand voice that is authentic and reputable
  • A community strategy to attract loyal customers that engage with your content, buy your products/services and refer you to their friends
  • A content plan that engages both prospects and customers
  • A promotion and campaign strategy that grows your business
  • Turnkey management, tactics and other tools you need to manage your social media in as little time as possible.

When you have the right approach with social media it WILL CHANGE your business…and your life. You will have…

  • Peace of mind to know you are doing marketing in the 21st century right
  • Ability and agility to capitalize on new opportunities
  • Confidence you can launch new products and promotions successfully
  • Relief that your digital marketing efforts are manageable and an effective way to grow your business
  • Satisfaction that you have finally, “checked social off the box” and have marketing and sales functioning effectively and efficiently

Our Power to THRIVE e-course is designed specifically to address the unique challenges and successes of the entrepreneur, coach and small business owner.

With our proprietary, 5 step framework “The Social System”, you will gain incredible clarity and confidence on the path you need to follow for real success in digital and social media marketing.


You will learn:

  • How to use our proprietary & PROVEN System, step-by-step to create the RIGHT strategy so your business can finally THRIVE and get you the financial freedom you desire.
  • How to transform your business into a POWERFUL brand with Authority & Credibility in your market.
  • How to use EMOTION to create long-lasting connections that drive purchase & create LOYALTY.
  • How to ensure every piece of content earns you the likes, comments & shares that drive digital word-of-mouth marketing (the #1 influencer of purchase decisions).
  • How to create (& repeat) marketing promotions that generate a STEADY STREAM of traffic, leads & sales *plus our top Fortune 500 insights that led to over $20 million in sales annually.
  • How to stop chasing your “tactical tail” following endless social media advice that never gives you a clear path to true success and FINALLY achieve the business — and LIFE — of your dreams.
  • Checklists to help you set-up and optimize all of your social platforms like a pro.
  • You’ll have access to PROVEN and tested tools and strategies you can implement in your business immediately!

…and most importantly…

You’ll get the exact steps to MONETIZE your social media presence.

It is possible to build a thriving business with social media.  That’s why we call our program Power to THRIVE…because it gives you the mindset, the tools and the knowledge you need to master social marketing.

Social media Course