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International UX design and development shop Favorite Medium has it all: an amazing team, exciting projects and great company values. Their focus on cutting-edge business practices, community participation and support of employee lifetime learning is a perfect foundation for a strong digital presence.

With a strong leadership team and fast-growing customer base, F/M was ready to jump in feet first to our 5-step program with the goal of building a social brand that reflected their company and kick their social expertise up a notch.




When it comes to building a digital presence, Team MTO has over a decade of experience. Our custom approach to define the brand’s Social Identity and create content that delivers on company-specific audience promises turns digital channels into a unique company showcase.

Step-by-step we worked with the Favorite Medium team to create a custom Social Playbook that would  bring their amazing staff, exciting project work and dedication to #lifetimelearning to life online. With the goal of recruiting key talent, we worked together to create a unique content plan highlighted the f/m team’s passion for creative ux that allowed the team to make easy, curated content and spend their time focused on what they do best — making great products.



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“MTO is like the barre method for social.”

-Kristy LaFollete, VP Client Services, Favorite Medium

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Our turnkey social marketing solutions help CEO’s, Marketing Executives and Entrepreneurs articulate and deliver their brand vision through social channels for maximum business impact. Learn how we can help you!


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