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Pop Quiz: What’s Lurking in Our Cambridge Analytica Data?

Posted in Data Dig | On March 28, 2018 By Kat Eves

                          To delete or not to delete? That seems to be the question on everyone’s mind since the bombshell dropped about Cambridge Analytica and Facebook over the last few weeks. Here’s the thing. Social media isn’t going away any time soon, which means […]

How Smart CMOs Are Spending Their Remaining 2017 Budgets

Posted in Uncategorized | On December 21, 2017 By MTO Admin MTO

                                        Most people in the office may be more focused on their holiday plans right now, forward-thinking leaders are strategizing ways to re-engage their teams in the new year. Tis the season to figure out what […]

Execs: How much time should you be spending on social?

Posted in Uncategorized | On September 3, 2017 By Gretchen Fox

I realized something this weekend that might be holding you back. I’ve been chatting a bit with the people who tweeted the article I wrote for Forbes about how to be a Social CEO and mostly, they have been execs who are already ON IT. I realized, shit — I’m preaching to the choir, the minority of […]

Prove Social Media Revenue Impact In 5 Steps — And Get More Budget

Posted in MTO Agency | On February 5, 2017 By Gretchen Fox

If you are one of the many marketers still fighting to get social media funded appropriately at your organization — this is for you. As a recovering corporate executive, I’ll tell you flat out, if you can’t tie your social media results to revenue, you won’t get your program funded well. Period. And while social […]

How To Create A Loyal Customer In Under Five Minutes

Posted in Uncategorized | On February 5, 2017 By Gretchen Fox

Every CEO, marketer and entrepreneur wants their business to “stand out,” to rise up out of the noise of the competition and grab the hearts and minds of consumers and clients. They want raving fans lining up for their products and services. They want repeat business and loyalty. Who wouldn’t? When you have raving fans, […]