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You can’t play tentatively when it comes to acquiring customers or driving revenue. You need to dominate. You want market share. If not your company, then someone else’s. It’s that simple. is the leader in “compassionate crowdfunding” with over $400 million dollars raised by users to date. When we first met Aimen Barma, she had newly become CMO of YouCaring. And after years at tech behemoths like eBay and PayPal, she was ready to scale the company quickly and efficiently. Aimen says,

“In order to scale, we needed to invest in a more strategic, disciplined and concentrated approach across all of marketing, including social media.”

When it comes to acquisition goals, we don’t see enough companies thinking like Aimen. Whether the company is engineer-run and doesn’t value digital marketing and sales or they hand the job off to an inexperienced junior employee to save money, we see great products and companies lose their opportunities by the day.

Why is increasing market share so important? Other than increased revenue:

◊ Economies of scale – higher volume creates cost advantage

◊ Reputation – market leadership gives the business clout

◊ Increased bargaining power – larger players have the advantage in negotiations

“Companies that make the deep strategic, organizational, and operational shifts required to become effective digital marketers can become more agile, more productive, and accelerate revenue growth.” – McKinsey Quarterly

If you’re like Aimen was, ready to start scaling and seeing hockey-stick growth against your acquisition goals, let’s discuss. Whether an “advisory package” or a “full coverage” package is right for your needs, we’ll meet you where you are and help you score big.






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