Reach Your Social Potential

The social economy is a virtually untapped well of Social Potential estimated at $1.3 trillion dollars.

Yet, very few organizations have discovered how to tap into its power. In fact, there’s a gap quickly widening between organizations who have developed a sophisticated understanding and approach to social media and those who are stuck lagging dangerously behind. Many organizations are simply checking social media off the list with the bare minimum while social savvy organizations are making huge strides, creating massive impact and disrupting entire markets seemingly overnight.

To reach your Social Potential, you must do 5 things:

  1. Know Where You Stand 
  2. Determine Your Social Potential
  3. Lead The Charge
  4. Create a Roadmap for Social Success
  5. Commit to Reaching Your Social Potential

Do you know where your organization stands?

The STARR™ Social Potential Scale provides a Social Media Score between Level 0-5 to help executives, marketers and social professionals understand your organization’s social media proficiency.

Find out you score with the interactive STARR Social Media Assessment tool

The assessment covers the 5 Pillars of The Social System:

  • Social Identity
  • Community Activation
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Marketing & Sales
  • Social Intelligence

With best in class social media skills, Level 5 STARR organizations have achieved:

  • Stand Out Authority Status
  • Top Fan & Follower Engagement
  • Agile Adoption of Tech & Trends
  • ROI Positive Social Marketing
  • Real-time Responsiveness

We recommend doing a 360° assessment with everyone that leads and works with social media within the organization including senior executives, managers, junior staff and third party marketing partners. Once the team does the assessment individually, we recommend discussing the findings as a team — you’ll be surprised how many different answers you’ll get. Being aligned on where you stand is step 1 to Level Up.

Your STARR Score is a starting point, once you know where you stand, you can begin to see your Social Potential. And once you have a vision of what’s possible, you can take the steps to lead your organization, roadmap your course and step-by-step, realize your full potential.

Need help understanding the brilliant white space waiting for your organization to step into and lead? Schedule a call with us and we’ll show you the light.


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