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Anyone can start a business. Building a brand that inspires loyalty, advocacy and evangelism is something special. Just ask Chris Chance, Founder of Fat Chance Bikes.

Fat Chance is a heritage mountain bike brand known for being unique, exciting and inspiring legions of super fans to create their own online fan communities (and tattoo the brand on their bodies!). The brand has done what few ever do and developed a life of its own.

“Our brand and culture are based on our company values of inclusion, irreverence and high-quality design and manufacturing. That’s where we stand out from the market and connect with the cycling community who shares these core values” says Chance.

According to a study published in the Harvard Business Review involving more than 7000 consumers found:

Having shared values, similar opinions or a common philosophy on a particular issue, was the only significant driver for brand relationships. According to researchers Freeman, Spenner, and Bird:

“Of the consumers in our study who said they have a brand relationship, 64% cited shared values as the primary reason.”

This is the magic ingredient for social media success. When a business has a clear and clear, value-based brand, messaging, content and experiences — we call that a ‘Brand Beacon’. And it should be the company’s true North Star.

When businesses don’t inspire customer to buy, when content doesn’t get clicks and shares, it’s because there is no Brand Beacon. There is nothing for your customers to connect with — something a product or service alone will never accomplish.

Ask yourself: Does your brand shine uniquely in your market? Do you have a tribe of raving fans eager to buy your product? Do they want a tattoo of your brand? If not, you need a Brand Beacon Workshop, stat.

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