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In the digital age, there’s no “set it and forget it” when it comes to marketing. You must always evolve — just like your customers. That goes for content, advertising, pr and campaigns.

Global Footprint Network is an international ecological think tank that drives informed policy decisions with local and national governments, investors and opinion leaders. With the future of the entire Earth at stake, the non-profit knows it needs to rapidly increase the rate of change of people, organizations and governments across the globe.

When it comes to their annual Earth Overshoot Day Campaign, GFN analyzed their messaging and learned it was time to optimize for inspiration instead of the standard fear-based communications found in most climate change conversations.

Analyzing what’s working and what’s not working should be a disciplined routine part of any marketing program. After each week of execution, the data across content, advertising and campaigns must be analyzed and then optimized against insights. This constant cycle of iteration is critical to determining what connects with target markets, drives conversions and delivers the best return on your investment.

According to a survey of more than 400 marketers from American brands, agencies and media companies, Millward Brown found that only 14 percent feel confident that they leverage their consumer, media and transaction data effectively. Kurt Heinemann, chief marketing officer at predictive analytics platform Reflektion says,

I think big data has become a bit of a synonym for ‘I need insights and answers to make my business perform better.’ People know they’re sitting on tons of data; they just need to find a way to unlock it

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