How Smart CMOs Are Spending Their Remaining 2017 Budgets





















Most people in the office may be more focused on their holiday plans right now, forward-thinking leaders are strategizing ways to re-engage their teams in the new year. Tis the season to figure out what to do with the rest of your company’s annual discretionary funds, and we can’t think of a better tax deduction than education.

Here are the three key reasons smart bosses are giving the gift of education this year:

1.The Competitive Advantage

Nothing says “best in the biz” like a fortified team of experts. Beyond being a great employee benefit (gotta collect those “World’s Best Boss” mugs!), investing in your team’s education will push your company ahead of the curve.

2.Higher Productivity

This is a no-brainer. At least one study shows a nearly 10% increase in productivity for companies investing in employee training. People who know what they’re doing won’t waste time scratching their heads. Educated employees are more likely to spot new growth opportunities, troubleshoot problems on their own, and predict what’s ahead.

3. Company Loyalty

Training initiatives help employees feel valued – and they’ll respect leadership more as a result. “Knowing that an employer is willing to provide training and development makes an employee feel important and it makes them loyal,” according to Inc Magazine.

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