Execs: How much time should you be spending on social?

I realized something this weekend that might be holding you back.

I’ve been chatting a bit with the people who tweeted the article I wrote for Forbes about how to be a Social CEO and mostly, they have been execs who are already ON IT. I realized, shit — I’m preaching to the choir, the minority of execs who are rip-roaring social channels just as easily and successfully as I can.

So, why is my target audience — the execs who really need to learn this skill — not engaging?

I think I know…

It’s a perceived bandwidth issue. Yes, perceived. Trust me, just like you, I have way more work on my to-do list than is possible to get done. That stack grows at a constant clip and I’m in a perpetual state of shifting and prioritization. It’s no less now than when I was an executive at the biggest live entertainment company in the world where we promoted events with a definitive timeline and the clock was constantly ticking. A real pressure cooker.

So, when I hear from some of you that upping your social skill just isn’t a ‘top priority’ right now, I worry that for you, it never will be.

But that’s because you don’t know what you don’t know. I am 100% confident in saying: actually, you have a blindspot about this.

And while, it might be comforting to avoid learning a new skill, it’s not a good idea to stay in the slow adopter lane. That group is going to get it’s ass kicked by the execs who have learned how to spend just 15 minutes twice a day to:

  • Build the reputation of the business with the credibility and authority necessary in an increasingly competitive marketplace
  • Increase rapport with employees, customers, investors and media (9 of 10 CEOs of Fortune’s Most Admired Companies are socially engaged)
  • Attract talent (80% of employees say they would prefer to work for a Social CEO)
  • Increase influence (social CEOs are 46 percent more influential than their non-social peers)
  • Learn turnkey management & tactics for streamlined social media efforts

Did you know, overall, younger CEOs are more active on more social networks than their older peers?

Don’t let age or perception of time (or fear of making public snafus) make you slow to adopt.

15 minutes, twice a day.

You didn’t know that’s all you needed, did you?

That’s because you haven’t yet learned this skill.

In 4 weeks of one hour weekly training calls, I will teach you how to effectively use social media for your business and your personal brand in 15 minutes, twice a day. You’ll get everything you need to build your messaging strategy, learn how to avoid landmines and use LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook like a pro.

In fact, if after four weeks, you don’t feel like I have earned your money’s worth in this course, I’ll give you your money back.

I’ve been doing this ONE THING for over a decade and I am happy to guarantee my work.

We have moved the start date for the course to Tuesday, September 19th at 9 AM Pacific, so you still have time to say screw it, let’s go.

Or you can keep waiting … up to you.