MTO EDU is the online education division of MTO Agency.

We offer social media and digital marketing courses for entrepreneurs, business owners, digital professionals, professors, authors, coaches and anyone needing to up their social media skills for success in the digital age. Each course is available 24/7 and coupled with an option for personalized expert coaching sessions with the MTO Agency team. Browse through the current available courses to see which program is best for your needs. For more information, book a call to speak with one of our team of coaches.

The Social CEO

This 4-week course provides expert foundational knowledge on everything C-Suite Executives need to know about social media, why it’s an important tool for your business, and how to harness its power to build your brand, connect with customers and drive a steady stream of traffic, leads & sales in the 21st century. >>> Click Here to Learn More

STARR™ Social Media Professional Certification Program
Social Media Certification Course
The STARR™ Social Media Professional Certification Program provides turn-key, step-by-step guidance to help leaders, managers and executives take social to the next level. It delivers on-brand, targeted strategies that drive ROI, conversions, and transactions, as well as provide insight and direction in hiring and training outstanding social teams. The program also serves as a simple, comprehensive source for individuals of all kinds to learn how to better use the social web for career and business opportunity. >>>> Click Here to Learn More

MTO EDU Social Media Mastermind Course

Everything entrepreneurs, business owners and coaches need to use social media to build your brand, create community and drive traffic, leads & sales. This online training program includes eight robust modules with 35 lessons and exercises, all self-directed. This course includes weekly personalized coaching the MTO team >>>> Click Here to Learn More

Social Skills for Tech Professionals Course

The Social Media Skills for Tech Professionals certificate course provides professionals outside of the social media industry the skills they need to be competitive in today’s digital world, where reputation management is a requirement for everyone–from job seekers to aspiring thought leaders. >>>> Click Here to Learn More